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How RunGopher
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RunGopher is an online SMS + MMS marketing automation software that leverages a custom-built AI platform to help you craft meaningful connections with your customers, clients or supporters.

Our custom templates, email integration and drag-and-drop editor make it easy to craft tailored, automated journeys that get results.

We help you put the customer experience right in the hands of the consumer, and empower them to be an active part of your brand.

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Seamless & Integrated

Customer Journeys

With Rungopher you can integrate multiple SMS conversations into a Journey to create a seamless customer experience.

No need to export and import the right contacts from one campaign to another. Use the journey builder to set up a drip feed and let the Gopher automate the rest.

Quick & Easy

Drag-and-Drop Functionality

The drag-and-drop functionality allows you to arrange and rearrange interactions as you need. Segment responses, add time delays, and build the journey you want your customers to go on.

It is quick and easy to use, ensuring your time is spent on getting to know your customer and crafting great experiences for your organisation.

Custom Solutions

Build custom journeys

Wish you could say a little bit more than our conversation templates? The journey builder lets you combine any of our off-the-shelf templates to form extended conversations – like building blocks for your SMS marketing.

Or you can easily create your own journeys from scratch. The options are endless.

Tailored Responses

In-Campaign Segmentation

Simplify customer segmentation using the journey builder. The outcome of each conversation in the journey is categorised: did they RSVP, decline, or say you had the wrong number? Use this categorisation to choose the next conversation they engage with.

Connect Your Data

Powerful Integrations

RunGopher seamlessly integrates with Blackbaud NXT + CRM, Campaign Monitor, Hubspot, Salesforce and many more. If there is a particular integration you would like to add, get in touch!

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