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Introducing the SMS Integration with RunGopher: Revolutionising Automated Text Messaging

The future of automated conversations has arrived thanks to the new SMS integration with RunGopher. Take your direct-to-consumer marketing to a whole new level with automated SMS conversations straight from RunGopher is a platform designed to facilitate meaningful SMS interactions with your contacts, and this revolutionary tech is now available to use within, ensuring you never miss a beat in your communication flow.

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With just a few configurations, you can optimise messaging to automatically shoot out SMS to contacts the moment item data changes thanks to RunGopher’s smart tech. This ensures that you’re not only informed but also consistently in sync with your audience.

With RunGopher’s comprehensive library of templates, you can easily customise your text messages, distribute them to your contacts, and rely on AI to manage responses, mining for valuable insights in the conversation data.

This ground-breaking integration allows you to configure the MMS integration to automatically send SMS to your contacts based on item data changes. Stay in control and increase your efficiency by sending instant one-off messages when data items shift.

Configure to commence individual dialogues with a contact using RunGopher when a data change takes place, ensuring your communications are as dynamic as your workflows.

Adding contacts to an existing RunGopher Campaign is now simpler than ever when data items change. With, you can automatically add contacts to a pre-set campaign in RunGopher, sparking new conversations. You can link multiple campaigns together in RunGopher for an immersive journey that weaves together SMS, MMS, and email.

This integration requires a paid subscription with RunGopher. However, for those wanting to experience the power of automated SMS conversations, RunGopher offers a one-month free trial so you can see the benefits of this tech for your business needs.

In terms of cost, you will need to add credit to send SMS/MMS via RunGopher. The cost for SMS conversations will fluctuate depending on the template selected, and you’ll find an easy-to-understand cost breakdown directly in the RunGopher UI. Transparency is key, so rest assured, there are no hidden charges!

Sign up for a free trial with RunGopher today and see how their smart tech can do wonders for your business.

Being able to leverage RunGopher’s tech within gives you the power to automate and personalise SMS conversations with ease. Leap into the future of text messages with the unmatched synergy of and RunGopher. 

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