Rungopher + Sailthru Email Marketing

Want an exceptionally good bulk SMS platform, but don’t want to sacrifice your Sailthru email marketing platform?

We’ve got good news for you.

You can maximise your returns on SMS campaigns by integrating Sailthru with RunGopher.

The best part? It’s so easy.

The Basics Of Sailthru Integrations for SMS & Email Marketing

Sailthru offers integrations with a variety of other software options, allowing customers to streamline their marketing efforts. 

Once connected, information can be automatically pulled from these integrated systems and used in personalized messaging campaigns. 

This allows for more efficient segmentation and targeting of customers, resulting in improved engagement and ROI. In addition, customers also have the option to use APIs to integrate with custom databases or transfer data to external systems. 

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How Do Sailthru SMS Messages Work With RunGopher?

Let’s assume you have a Sailthru database with all of the contact information for your clients.

You want Sailthru email campaigns, but you also want a platform created specifically for bulk SMS text messages.

By simply integrating the two, you’ll be able to maintain your Sailthru workflows while getting user-friendly design, automated drip-feed marketing, and conversational journeys from RunGopher.

This will help you identify opportunities for a huge array of potential customers, by using your data sets from Sailthru to generate custom audiences and cross-channel campaigns.

Sort Out Your SMS Marketing Today

Enhance your Sailthru Email Marketing capabilities today with RunGopher.


Build the customer lifetime value of your users by going beyond mechanical, transactional messages. Start acquiring new customers by getting real-time data on all of your SMS campaigns, and scale your business from day one.


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