Rungopher + Salesforce SMS

Rungopher + Salesforce SMS integration

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Our Salesforce SMS integration makes it easy for your entire company to work together.

With the marketing cloud capacity of Salesforce and the bulk SMS features of RunGopher, your teams will be able to collaboratively scale SMS and MMS text messaging campaigns in no time.

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Send SMS Messages From Salesforce With RunGopher

You can send a whole host of customised SMS messages once you’ve integrated your Salesforce platform, all via RunGopher.

The best part is that the whole process is totally straightforward. You can upload customer data about your Salesforce users directly, and send SMS messages to a huge range of recipients just like that. 

You’ll gain access to our user-friendly interface, automated drip feed campaigns and text messages, plus so much more.

For ideas about how to get started, you can check out a range of SMS templates we have on our website, which make it easy to create your first campaign. 

Alternatively, explore how our conversational journeys create user experiences that feel just like one to one messages with real people.

Integrate Your Salesforce SMS Marketing Today


Send messages with ease by integrating your Salesforce SMS Marketing features with RunGopher.

Gain access to a suite of incredible tools to help improve your text message capabilities today, and allow your users to receive SMS messages that are bespoke, user-friendly and intuitive.

Alternatively, read more about our integration services for different CRM marketing platforms, like Hubspot and Campaign Monitor

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